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Multicam Streaming

Multi-camera production and live streaming service

Does the corona pandemic and government restrictions put a stop to your business or organization? Or do you want to reach a wider audience with your event such as product launches, inaugurations, workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures and staff trainings, board meetings, political meetings and debates, etc.

We offer multi-camera livestreaming (live broadcast) on e.g. Youtube and Facebook in HD quality in the Ostrobothnia region. Via our partners, we can also offer streaming services behind a payment wall.

Multi-camera live streaming

If desired, we do a post-edit of the live-streamed program. Then we can remove any breaks or other unwanted. Here we can also add graphics, logos, texts and optimize the sound. The edited program is delivered as a download link, on a USB stick or uploaded to the desired video service.

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Streaming even before Youtube

MediaWolf made one of its first live broadcasts on the internet as early as 2001. At that time, we also made history by conducting the very first live broadcast from the Entrepreneurs in Finland’s nationwide Business Days, which were then held in Seinäjoki.

Do you have an event or program you want to record or broadcast live online?

We pack together a suitable package based on your needs and your budget.