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We want to be kind so we give you the opportunity to turn off Google Analytics by clicking here

Use of cookies

The website uses cookies to improve user experiences.

A cookie is a small text file temporarily stored on the user’s hard disk. Nearly all websites use cookies, and some websites do not function properly if cookies are blocked.

A cookie contains a randomly generated unique identifier that allows us to identify your computer and to collect information on which pages you visit and which functions you use on your browser.

Cookies and statistics

We use Google Analytics to collect data on how the site is used. With the help of this data, we can create an idea of what the users want and how we can best deliver the information that users need.

We do not link any data from Google Analytics to anything else, and we do not store any Google Analytics information offline.

You can learn about the Google Analytics privacy policy here and turn off Google Analytics completely by clicking here .

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others

In common with pretty much every website today, we use social media cookies from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Again, if you’re logged out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, they do not have any personal information about you. Since it’s not personal information, we aren’t specifically asking you for prior consent to use them.

When you’re logged into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and similar services, they’ll know when you visit MEDIAWOLF.FI – as well as every other website that also uses their services. You’re consenting to this when you log into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Google and those are the guys who have your personal details. We can’t see any of it. online chat system

We also use the online chat system for real-time interaction. Read about their privacy policy and GDPR here.

Blocking and deleting cookies

You can block cookies on your computer in your browser preferences. The preferences settings may be found in different places in different browsers. Please note, however, that many online functions and services require the ability to save the choices you made. If you block cookies, some functions and services may be unavailable to you.

In all browsers, cookies can be deleted individually or all at once. The delete command may be found in different places in different browsers. The links below lead to instructions for the browsers indicated. If you use several browsers, remember to delete cookies in all of them.

Delete cookies / Microsoft Edge

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