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Homepage, webpage, website … Dear child has many names

Most people visit web pages with their cell phone or tablet. Therefore we always use responsive design, so that the pages will work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The page should also be easily found. We help with SEO (search engine optimization).

The website in several languages ​​is no problem. Swedish, Finnish and English, but also other languages ​​via our partner translators.

In the engine room there is WordPress, which is the power source for over 43% of websites worldwide (according to W3Techs). WordPress has many add-ons, both free and paid versions, which cover most needs.

Security is important online, therefore we always install firewall and security scanner on all WordPress installations. We also activate SSL certificates (https: //) on the web server, enable automatic updating of the WordPress program and all installed add-on modules.

If, after all, you need help with updating the content of your new page, we are happy to assist you with text, photo and video content.

Do you want to start an online store? We take care of that too.

Here’s how your webpage project goes

Planning Meeting

We start with a personal meeting either at our office, another place that suits you, by phone or via a video meeting on FaceTime or Whatsapp. You can also reach us directly via our chat at the bottom right of our page, when we are “Online”.

At the meeting we go through your needs and wishes.

Domain or web address

If you do not already have an existing web address (domain), we check an available address. In Finland, .FI is common, but also .COM, .NET, .EU, etc.

A website with its own domain in the form mycompany.fi and e-mail address in the form name@mycompany.fi facilitates marketing.

Here you can check if your FI domain is available.

Web Hosting

In order for your website to be found, we need to upload it on a server. The easiest way is to open a web host for the website and the e-mail. Backups of your website and e-mail are also made daily on the webhost if something goes wrong.

If you want to open a web host yourself, you can do this here.

After opening the web host, we can begin our project with installation of WordPress, security extensions etc. Now we can also create one or more email addresses.

Demo Page

We make a demo page with the graphic look. The demo page is created hidden so that no one other than you sees the page when it is under development.


Once you have approved the look or frame of the page, we can go ahead and create content (texts and images) in collaboration with you. If it is a multilingual website, we go through the pages when we have completed the first language, after which we enter the texts for the other language versions. Finally, we create the navigation menus for the other languages.


After a review of the entire project, we are well prepared to publish your new site.


All that remains is training in how to work in WordPress, how to update content and perhaps create new pages and posts. We also go through how to make the page rank well for Google and other search engines.


The price of your website is calculated on the basis of the scope of the entire project, from design of appearance, creation and possible translation of texts, logo, graphic details, photography, image processing etc. In addition, annual costs for domain (MYDOMAN.FI, .COM, .NET, .EU, etc.) are added from 9 € / year, web hosting for WordPress from 70,80€/year (5,90€/month) and licenses for any add-on modules. We also provide security updates for your website. We make backups of database and files before we make updates of WordPress, the theme and add-on modules. Support service starts from 100 € / year.

Taxes Finnish VAT is added 24% to our and the web hosting prices. One exception is the .FI domain with VAT 0% (Traficom’s tax-free official fee paid on behalf of the customer).

Did you get hungry on a new website or do you need to update your old one?

We look forward to helping you on the web.