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Homepage, webpage, website … Dear child has many names

Most people visit web pages with their cell phone or tablet. Therefore we always use responsive design, so that the pages will work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The page should also be easily found. We help with SEO (search engine optimization).

The website in several languages ​​is no problem. Swedish, Finnish and English, but also other languages ​​via our partner translators.

In the engine room there is WordPress, which is the power source for over 33% of websites worldwide (according to W3Techs). WordPress has many add-ons, both free and paid versions, which cover most needs.

Security is important online, therefore we always install firewall and security scanner on all WordPress installations. We also activate SSL certificates (https: //) on the web server, enable automatic updating of the WordPress program and all installed add-on modules.

If, after all, you need help with updating the content of your new page, we are happy to assist you with text, photo and video content.

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